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2018 National Geographic Photo Contest

2018 National Geographic Photo Contest


We received thousands of incredible entries from countries 
around the world. 
Take a look at which photos stood out to our judges.
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Saturday, December 08, 2018

Human Rights 70 years on ...

don't be hypocrite ...
Stand Up 4 Human Rights All Days !!!!!

December 10

Human Rights Day 2018 
will mark the 70th anniversary 
of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

70 years on, landmark UN human rights document as important as ever
© UN News

Universal Declaration of Human Rights | United Nations

Illuminating the Skies for Human Rights
30 Landmarks Across the Globe to Shine Blue on December 10

© Human Rights Watch

Friday, December 07, 2018

After years in jail without trial or hope, Syria’s hunger strikers fight for justice

After years in jail without trial or hope, Syria’s hunger strikers fight for justice

Political prisoners forgotten by the world protest on behalf of hundreds of thousands detained or ‘disappeared’
© The Guardian

South Sudan: Execution spree targets even children and threatens nursing mothers

Iran: Mass Execution of 12 inmates in Kerman Central Prison

USA » Oct/December 2018 - scheduled executions

October/December - 2018 

4 - Joseph Garcia - murdered by Texas
'Texas Seven' Joseph Garcia set to be executed under controversial law
© The Guardian » pub. Dec. 4
'Texas 7' Inmate Executed for Officer's Killing 
© NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
6 - David Miller - murdered by Tennessee !!!!!

in the electric chair !!!!!
David Earl Miller picks electric chair
© The Tennessean » pub. Nov. 26
U.S. Supreme Court denies stay shortly before David Earl Miller's execution
© The Tennessean » pub. Dec. 6
Tennessee executes David Earl Miller by electric chair
© The Tennessean

11 - Alvin Braziel - Texas *
Death Watch: Lucky 13? The state on pace for a baker’s dozen of executions by year end
© The Austin Chronicle » pub. Dec. 6

13 - Jose Jimenez - Florida *
Rick Scott schedules execution in 1992 murder
© Florida Politics » pub. Nov. 15
U.S. Supreme Court rejects death row appeal
© Florida Politics » pub. Dec. 3

as of December 6

* serious dates

Take Action for All at ► Catholic Mobilizing Network

for scheduled executions, check ►
Rick Halperin page, thanks !!!!!

Kill Death Penalty NOW !!!!!

Recent State Killings & stays ► 

1 - Edmund Zagorski - murdered by Tennessee & Scotus !!!!!
Tennessee executes Edmund Zagorski by electric chair
© The Tennessean
7 - Emanuel Kemp - Texas - stayed
Execution date called off for Fort Worth man convicted of murdering bus rider 
© Houston Chronicle » pub. Oct. 8
14 - Robert Ramos - murdered by Texas & Scotus !!!!!
(Mexican national)
"I'm ready," Mexican citizen says before being executed in Texas
© CBS News
México condena la ejecución en Texas del Roberto Ramos Moreno
© La Vanguardia

10 - Juan Segundo - Texas - stayed
Texas court halts Juan Segundo execution amid questions of intellectual disability
© Texas Tribune » pub. Oct. 6 
24 - Kwame Rockwell - Texas - stayed
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals halts execution of Kwame Rockwell
© The Texas Tribune » pub. Oct. 19
29 - Rodney Berget - murdered by South Dakota & Scotus
South Dakota executes Rodney Berget after SCOTUS clears way 
© Sioux Falls Argus Leader

info by Rick Halperin and i ... thanks, my friend !!!!!

Recent State Killings & stays ►

July/September - 2018

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Malaysia: Bill to abolish death penalty will only be tabled later, says MP

Zimbabwe To Abolish Death Penalty

Zimbabwe To Abolish Death Penalty
© African News Network (press release)

Iran committing crimes against humanity by concealing fate of thousands of slaughtered political dissidents

Monday, December 03, 2018

RSF: Vincent Munier 100 Photos 4 Press Freedom


Vincent Munier 100 Photos 4 Press Freedom 

Give a gift 4 Press Freedom ... merciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!

Shop online - Boutique en ligne RSF

Reporters sans frontières/Reporters Without Borders 

Vincent Munier

Iran: Execution of the Sixth Juvenile Offender in 2018

Saturday, December 01, 2018

oh december, shine again ...

oh december,
of lights and darkness ...
be Hope & Love to All in need ...
Shine again !!!!!

Welcome Loneliness !!!!!

***^-^*** & mum

photo by Jim Livingston

Sirius is the brightest & sometimes called the Dog Star.

image source EarthSky

Aasia Bibi banned from leaving Pakistan

Iran: Public Execution of a Person with Mental Illness

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Free after five decades on death row, a Japanese man may be forced to return

Inmates Said The Drug Burned As They Died. This Is How Texas Gets Its Execution Drugs.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Belarus Executes Two Prisoners, Prompting EU Criticism

Zambia suspends death penalty

Monday, November 26, 2018

Bernardo Bertolucci Presente !!!!!

© Jack Mitchell/Getty Images

I left the ending ambiguous, because that is the way life is.

- Bernardo Bertolucci -

March 16, 1941 - November 26, 2018

We go miss You, Master

Bernardo Bertolucci obituary
© The Guardian

'Tear Gassing Children Is Outrageous and Inhumane': US Condemned for Violence Against Asylum Seekers

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Cities for Life 2018

November 30 is

World Day of Cities for Life
- Cities Against the Death Penalty

Nov. 29 - 30

check & join an event near you !!!!!

Cities for Life | No to death penalty

Community of Sant'Egidio

Gruesome death: Ghastly execution deaths become the norm

US - Warning: Graphic content

Gruesome death: Ghastly execution deaths become the norm
© NZ Herald

I’ve Been in Prison for 24 Years and I Feel Dead

I’ve Been in Prison for 24 Years and I Feel Dead
by Lacino Hamilton
© Truthout 

For more information on how you can become involved, contact Lacino by writing to:
Lacino Hamilton 247310, Marquette Branch Prison, 1960 US HWY 41 S, Marquette, MI 49855.

Friday, November 23, 2018

South Korea closes largest dog meat slaughterhouse

South Korea closes largest dog meat slaughterhouse

yayayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!


Forced Sterilization of Transgender People Must End Now

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Forced Sterilization of Transgender People Must End Now

Japan forces transgender people to be sterilised before being legally recognised as their gender. This must end now.


Mother had “no other choice” but to sell her 6-year-old daughter

sooooo sad & tragic !!!!! 

Mother had “no other choice” but to sell her 6-year-old daughter

The UN estimates that over 275,000 people have been displaced by the drought, 84,000 of them in the city itself, and 182,000 in the region of Badghis.
© RAWA News

Laid to rest at last: Edith Thompson, victim of a 'barborous, misogynistic' death penalty

Israa al-Ghomgham: hearing January 13, 2019

Israa al-Ghomgham - Saudi Arabia

November 21 was third court session in Israa al-Ghomgham trial.
Israa did not attend the trial & the reason for her non-attendance is unknown.

The trial is a mass trial. The rest of those being trialled alongside Israa were present.
The next court hearing: Sunday 13th January 2019.

source: #IsraaAlGhomgham | Twitter

Woman human rights defender Israa Al-Ghomgham fails to appear at second hearing, as concern for her well-being mounts
© GCHR - Gulf Centre for Human Rights

Thursday, November 22, 2018

We're not Indians and we're not Native Americans. 
We're older than both concepts.
We're the People. We're the Human Beings.

- John Trudell -

February 15, 1946 - December 8, 2015

National Day of Mourning 2018

Lost Warrior by Frank Howell, 1984

Thank you sooooo much !!!!! Pilamaya ye !!!!!
Mitakuye Oyasin !!!!! We are all connected !!!!! 

Nov. 22, 2018

49th National Day of Mourning


This year's NDOM is dedicated to our thousands of relatives 
who are migrants and are being abused by ICE and other government agencies, including having their children stolen from them. 

We didn’t cross the border – The border crossed us!

There will be a special message from Leonard Peltier.

UAINE: United American Indians of New England


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Iran: Three Men Hanged in Public- IHR Warns About a New Wave of Execution in the Coming Weeks

Saudi Arabia: Reports of torture and sexual harassment of detained activists

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Children are still the way you were as a child, sad and happy
in just the same way and if you think of your childhood,
you once again live among them, among the solitary children ...

- Rainer Maria Rilke - 

from Letters to a Young Poet


did u say today is ... Children’s Day ???

Aasia Bibi needs German passport to leave Pakistan: lawyer

Germany, help Bibi !!!!!

Aasia Bibi needs German passport to leave Pakistan: lawyer

© The Express Tribune