Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Indonesia's Death Penalty

IRAN: Six Sunni political prisoners hanged

IRAN: Six Sunni political prisoners hanged 
© National Council of Resistance of Iran

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

USA » Jan/June 2015 - scheduled executions

Jan/June - 2015    

2 - Kelly Gissendaner - Georgia - stayed
Execution date set for sole Georgia female death row inmate 
© Associated Press » published Feb. 9
Clemency Hearing Set for Auburn Woman on Death Row
If executed later this month, Kelly Renee Gissendaner would be the first woman put to death in Georgia since 1945.
© Patch » published Feb. 11
Georgia to execute its 1st female prisoner in 70 years
© CNN » published Feb. 23
Parole board still mulling clemency for Kelly Gissendaner
© Gwinnett Daily Post » published Feb. 24
Parole board to decide Wednesday on clemency plea from Auburn woman slated for execution
© Online Athens » published Feb. 24
Ga. woman's execution rescheduled for Monday
© Atlanta Journal Constitution » published Feb. 25
Kelly Renee Gissendaner Execution Delayed, Possibly Due Georgia Storm Forecast
© Associated Press » published Feb. 25
Clemency Urged on Eve of Execution of Georgia Woman Kelly Gissendaner
© NBC News » published March 1
Woman on Georgia death row files appeal ahead of execution
© NY Daily News » published March 2
Parole Board Denies Second Clemency Request From Ga. Women Set To Die
© GPB News » published March 2
AP: Gissendaner's execution on hold
© CBS46 News » published March 2
Execution of Ga. woman on hold pending Supreme Court ruling 
© Atlanta Journal Constitution » published March 2
Georgia woman's execution postponed because drugs appeared 'cloudy'

Georgia postpones execution of woman 
© CBS News

5 - Rodney Reed - Texas - stayed
Rodney Reed: Texas appeals court grants stay of execution
© The Guardian » published Feb. 24

10 - Brian Keith Terrell - Georgia - stayed
Ga. schedules another execution for March
© Atlanta Journal Constitution » published Feb. 27

Georgia postpones executions indefinitely so it can examine lethal injection drugs
© The Washington Post » published March 3

11 - Manuel Vasquez - Texas * 
17 - Cecil Clayton - Missouri * 
18 - Randall Mays - Texas *
19 - William Ernest Kuenzel - Alabama *

Grant Billy Kuenzel the right to a new trial so he can present the evidence which was unlawfully withheld by the prosecution at his original trial.

9 - Kent Sprouse - Texas *
14 - Andre Cole - Missouri * 
15 - Manuel Garza - Texas *
23 - Richard Vasquez - Texas *
28 - Robert Pruett - Texas *

3-9 - Rodney Berget - South Dakota *
12 - Derrick Charles - Texas *

23 - Charles Wright - Tennessee *

as of March 3

* serious dates

Recent State Killings & stays » 

4 - Donald Newbury - murdered by the state of Texas
Texas executes 'Texas 7' prison escapee Donald Newbury for killing police officer 14 years ago
© Associated Press

10 - Lester Bower - Texas - stayed
U.S. Supreme Court halts Texas execution of convicted killer 
© Reuters » published Feb. 5
11 - Walter Storey - murdered by the state of Missouri
Walter Storey Executed For Killing Special Ed Teacher Jill Frey
© Associated Press
11 - Ronald Philipps - Ohio - stayed
new date set » Jan. 21, 2016
Ohio delays execution of child killer
© Cincinnati » published Jan. 8
Ohio postpones all 2015 executions as it secures new drugs
© Reuters » published Jan. 30
19 - John Grant - Oklahoma - stayed
19 - Tommy Arthur - Alabama - stayed
Judge halts state's plan to execute Arthur
© Decatur Daily » published Feb. 17
25 - Kelly Gissendaner - Georgia * (female)
Clemency denied
Execution rescheduled for Monday, March 2
Ga. woman's execution rescheduled for Monday
© Atlanta Journal Constitution » published Feb. 25
26 - Jerry Correll - Florida - stayed
Florida Supreme Court stays execution of Orlando killer
© Orlando Sentinel » published Feb. 17
13 - Andrew Howard Brannan - murdered by the state of Georgia
Andrew Brannan, Vietnam Veteran, becomes the first prisoner murdered by US this year.
Andrew Howard Brannan, Mentally Ill Veteran Who Killed Cop, Executed In Georgia
© Associated Press
15 - Johnny Kormondy - murdered by the state of Florida
Florida executes ringleader of 1993 home invasion that ended with man's murder, wife's rape
© Associated Press
15 - Charles Warner - murdered by the state of Oklahoma 
'Truly experimentation': Oklahoma leaves drug cocktail unchanged in first executions since botched procedure
© The Guardian » published Jan. 14

Oklahoma carries out first execution since botched lethal injection in April
© The Guardian
21 - Arnold Prieto - murdered by the state of Texas
Texas executes man convicted of killing 3 in San Antonio
© Associated Press

27 - Warren Lee Hill - murdered by the state of Georgia 
Science-schmience, Georgia just wants to execute this intellectually disabled man 
© The News Hub » published Jan. 22 
Georgia Executes Warren Lee Hill Despite Low IQ Claim 
© NBC News
28 - Marcellus Williams - Missouri - stayed 
Missouri Supreme Court halts upcoming execution of Marcellus Williams 
© Missourinet » published Jan. 22
28 - Garcia White - Texas - stayed 
Texas court reprieves death row prisoner Garcia White 
© The Guardian » published Jan. 27
29 - Richard Glossip - Oklahoma - stayed 
Oklahoma Attorney General Asks The Supreme Court To Suspend Richard Glossip's Execution 
© Huffington Post » published Jan. 26 
Supreme Court Halts Oklahoma Execution of Richard Glossip, Two Others 
© NBC News » published Jan. 28
29 - Robert Ladd - murdered by the state of Texas 
Texas poised to execute intellectually disabled prisoner within hours  
© The Guardian » published Jan. 29 
Texas Executes Man for 1996 Strangling, Beating Death 
© Associated Press  
Texas Executes Intellectually Disabled Man, Violating Constitution 
for Immediate Release 
© American Civil Liberties Union

info by Rick Halperin and i .... thanks, my dear friend !!!!!

Kill Death Penalty NOW !!!!!

Recent State Killings, commutations & stays »

January/June - 2014

July/December - 2014

Georgia postpones executions indefinitely so it can examine lethal injection drugs

Nitrogen gas executions approved by Oklahoma House

Six Kurdish Sunni Prisoners at Imminent Danger of Execution

Monday, March 02, 2015

Soheil Arabi, Iranian blogger, life saved !!!!!

update from Change org. 

Feb 19, 2015 — Soheil's life is saved! The Iranian embassy recently announced that the blogger sentenced to a post on social networks will not be killed. This is confirmed by Luigi Manconi, President of the Human Rights Commission. 

read more at 
#SaveSoheil, sentenced to death for a Facebook post 

greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat news, i truly hope so !!!!!

Assad jailers rape virgins, kill pregnant women: former female detainee

Palestinians protest after Egyptian court rule Hamas a 'terrorist organization'

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2015

March 18 - 27, 2015 

Toronto Film Festival 
March 24 - April 2, 2015 

For information and tickets » 
Human Rights Watch Film Festival

Raif Badawi, the Saudi Arabian blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes, may now face the death penalty

Syrian Mazen Darwish named IPI World Press Freedom Hero

Syrian Mazen Darwish named IPI World Press Freedom Hero 
The International Press Institute (IPI) has named Mazen Darwish its 67th World Press Freedom Hero. The prominent Syrian lawyer and human rights defender has advocated for media freedom in his country for more than 10 years, the last three from behind bars. 
© Daily Trust

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Daniel Berehulak » Photographer of the Year

© Daniel Berehulak 
photo from Berehulak's winning portfolio “Maha Kumbh Mela” 

Daniel Berehulak, born 1975, is an award winning Australian photographer and photojournalist. 
Now based in New Delhi, he has recently specialized in reportages from India and Pakistan. 

Daniel Berehulak 

Daniel Berehulak | Photographer of the Year 
» with Berehulak winning portfolio “Maha Kumbh Mela” 
© InFocus 
Australian photographer Daniel Berehulak Named 2014 POYi Freelance Photographer of the Year 
© Metaphor Online 
Daniel Berehulak Wins Reportage Photographer of the Year at 2015 POYi Competition 
© PDNPulse 

Congratssssssssssssssssssssssssss, Daniel !!!!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Women on death row tell their personal accounts

Raif Badawi weekly flogging delayed for 7th week in a row

Thursday, February 26, 2015

#Banksy #Gaza

Banksy in Gaza: Haunting images among ruins of war 
© RT News

Banksy is Back and in Gaza, Releases Mini-Documentary
© artFido's Blog

» with video

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, Banksy !!!!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Amnesty International Annual Report 2014/2015

Amnesty International Annual Report 2014/2015 
It has been a devastating year for those seeking to stand up for human rights and for those caught up in the suffering of war zones.
Governments must stop pretending the protection of civilians is beyond their power!
© Amnesty International

Monday, February 23, 2015

Snowden documentary CitizenFour grabs Oscar

21 Prisoners Hanged in Iran During 48 Hours

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Malcolm X Remembered 50 Years After 1965 Assassination

Malcolm X Remembered 50 Years After 1965 Assassination 
© Democracy Now! 

Today marks 50th year since Malcolm X assassination !!!!!

Iran: Kurds Tortured, Hanged

Iran: Kurds Tortured, Hanged 
© Kurdish Question

KCK: Iran has started a dangerous process

KCK: Iran has started a dangerous process 
The KCK Executive Council has vehemently condemned the execution of 3 Kurdish activists by Iran, emphasising that the Iranian government has initiated a dangerous process with its hostility to Kurds and its use of executions. 
© ANF - Ajansa Nûçeyan a Firatê

Friday, February 20, 2015

Raif Badawi weekly flogging delayed for 6th time

Ali and Habib Afshari Presentes !!!!!

Ali and Habib Afshari, Kurdish Political Prisoners, 
executed by Iran !!!!! 
Long Live the Kurdish Struggle !!!!!

BREAKING: Kurdish Brothers Executed by Iranian Regime 
© Kurdish Question
why ??? 
why this silence ??? 
why any official confirmation ??? 

is Saman still alive ??? 
and .... do they want us to give up the fight ??? 
just wondering ...

but i think Saman's family is not allowed to hold a funeral
or talk with any media, as i have read in Kurdish newspapers ...

may be i'm wrong ....

Saman Naseem Presente !!!!!

Saman Naseem, Kurdish Political Prisoner,
was executed today by Iran !!!!!

Long Live Kurdistan !!!!!

Juvenile Offender Saman Naseem Was Executed
© Iran Human Rights

Iran ignores international pleas, executes 22-year-old Kurdish activist 
Saman’s family said they were notified by authorities the young activist had been hanged today, and ordered them not to hold a funeral.
© Rudaw

Saman Naseem executed ???

Increasing concern that Iranian authorities have executed Saman Naseem 
© Iran Human Rights 

Iran: Illegal execution of juvenile offender 
© FIDH  

oh noooooooooooo !!!!! 
waiting for confirmation ....