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USA » Jan/June 2014 - scheduled executions

January/June - 2014

3 - Tommy Lynn Sells - murdered by the state of Texas
Texas serial killer executed with new drug supply
© Associated Press
9 - Ramiro Hernandez - murdered by the state of Texas  
(Foreign National)
Texas to execute Mexican amid outcry of possible trial irregulations 
© The Voice of Russia » published April 9 
Mexican national executed for 1997 Texas slaying 
© Associated Press

16 - Jose Villegas - Texas *
Jose Villegas: A Retardation Claim
© The Austin Chronicle » published April 10
Condemned killer of 3 in Corpus Christi set to die
© Associated Press » published April 15

22 - Clayton Lockett - Oklahoma *

Oklahoma sparks concerns after unveiling new lethal injection drug combo
© RT USA » published April 2
2 Oklahoma executions will proceed, AG says
© Tulsa World » published April 4
Death row inmates ask for stop to executions
© Associated Press » published April 11
Oklahoma says it has obtained secret supply of execution drugs
© The Guardian » published April 12

22 - Nikolus Johnson - Tennessee - stayed
Death row inmate Nickolus Johnson granted stay
© Associated Press » published April 3

23 - William Rousan - Missouri *
23 - Robert E. Hendrix - Florida *
29 - Charles Warner - Oklahoma *

13 - Robert Campbell - Texas *
21 - Russell Bucklew - Missouri *

21 - Robert Pruett - Texas *

Petition | Sign this petition to help save Robert Pruett

28 - Arthur Tyler - Ohio *

14 - Ricky Blackwell - South Carolina

as of April 15

* serious dates 

Recent State Killings & stays 

7 - Thomas Knight - murdered by the state of Florida
Fla. Executes Man Who Killed Guard, Couple
© Associated Press
Askari Abdullah Muhammad becomes the first USA prisoner murdered in 2014.
9 - Michael Wilson - murdered by the state of Oklahoma
Oklahoma Executes Man in Convenience Store Killing
© Associated Press
16 - Dennis McGuire - murdered by the state of Ohio 
Dennis McGuire state killing is one of the longest since Ohio resumed capital punishment in 1999.
Ohio inmate set to be executed using untried lethal injection method
In wake of an apparently botched execution that left condemned man in agony, Ohio to try untested lethal injection procedure
© The Guardian » published January 13
State executes Dennis McGuire, marking first use of new blend of drugs for lethal injection
© Cleveland
Botched execution? Ohio killer takes almost 25 minutes to die from lethal injection
© Associated Press
22 - Edgar Tamayo - murdered by the state of Texas (Foreign National)
Death Watch: Texecutioners vs. the World: Capital case raises questions of international consular rights 
© The Austin Chronicle » published January 16 
Texas executes Mexican Edgar Tamayo despite pleas from governments  
© The Independent 
Texas death row inmate Edgar Tamayo of Mexico executed after appeals denied 
© Associated Press
23 - Kenneth Hogan - murdered by the state of Oklahoma 
Man Convicted in 1988 Stabbing Death Executed 
© Associated Press
29 - Herbert Smulls - murdered by the state of Missouri 
Missouri Execution Drugs Challenged As Violating Federal Law 
© Death Penalty Information Center » published January 24  
Missouri executes Herbert Smulls as appeals fail 
© The Guardian

5 - Suzanne Basso - murdered by the state of Texas (female) 
Woman Executed in Texas for 1998 Torture Killing 
© Associated Press
5 - Christopher Sepulvado - Louisiana - stayed 
Jindal: State has drugs necessary for execution of Sepulvado 
© The Advocate » published January 31 
Execution of Louisiana killer Christopher Sepulvado stayed for 90 days 
© UPI » published February 3 
12 - Juan Carlos Chavez - murdered by the state of Florida
(Foreign National from Cuba) 
Juan Carlos Chavez executed for murder of Jimmy Ryce 
© Miami Herald  
26 - Michael Taylor - murdered by the state of Missouri 
Missouri prepares execution amid controversy 
© Agence France-Presse » published February 25 
Michael Taylor executed by Missouri using compounded pentobarbital 
© The Guardian 
26 - Paul Augustus Howell - murdered by the state of Florida 
Top corrections officer Timothy Cannon lifts lid on Florida's execution process 
© Daily Mail » published February 19 
Man executed for pipe bomb death of Fla. trooper 
© Associated Press

19 - Gregory Lott - Ohio - stayed
Next Ohio execution postponed by Kasich
© The Columbus Dispatch » published February 8
19 - Ray Jasper - murdered by the state of Texas
Death Row Inmate's Last Letter-Prison Is Slavery Justice System Broken
© Popdust » published March 4
Ex-rapper convicted of murdering recording studio owner in 1998 executed two weeks after his scathing review of American judicial system was published online
© Daily Mail
20 - Robert Henry - murdered by the state of Florida
Florida's gruesome execution theater
© The Washington Post » published March 19
Broward murderer declared dead Thursday night at 6:16 p.m.
© Sun Sentinel
20 - Clayton Lockett - Oklahoma - on hold 
Executions postponed so state can procure lethal drugs 
© Tulsa World » published March 18
26 - Jeffrey Ferguson - murdered by the state of Missouri 
Jeffrey Ferguson makes funny faces before Missouri executes him for rape, murder of girl, 17 
© Associated Press
27 - Michelle Byrom - Mississippi (female) 
Mississippi moves to execute its 1st female prisoner since 1944 
© CNN » published March 25 
No execution date set for Byrom, Crawford 
© WTVA » published March 25
Mississippi orders new trial for death row inmate Michelle Byrom
© The Guardian » published March 31
27 - Anthony Doyle - murdered by the state of Texas 
Texas executes man who killed food delivery woman with bat 
© Reuters
27 - Charles Warner - Oklahoma - on hold
Executions postponed so state can procure lethal drugs 
© Tulsa World » published March 18 
Oklahoma's lethal injection protocol unconstitutional: judge 
© Reuters » published March 26

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July/December - 2013

January/June - 2013

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July/December - 2012

'Blood Moon' in pictures

Defense alleges FBI spying in 9/11 hearing at Guantanamo

UN condemns Brunei over new law allowing gays to be stoned to death

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2014 Pulitzer Prizes

Öcalan nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Öcalan nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
© ANF - Ajansa Nûçeyan a Firatê

yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!!

Suspects in 9/11 case to give first-ever testimony on Guantanamo torture

Controversial public executions in Iran draw crowds

Syria's graffiti revolution

Syria's graffiti revolution 
© Al-Monitor 

» with video

UN Security Council: Support Justice for Syria

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The Universal Language by Steve McCurry

© Steve McCurry 
Afghanistan, 1984. A man holds a baby. 

The Universal Language

© Steve McCurry's Blog 

thank you sooooooo much, Steve !!!!!


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Political Posters Map 100 Years Of Clashing Ideologies


Political Posters Map 100 Years Of Clashing Ideologies
© Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

» photo gallery

Sweet and sinister images from Gaza's hottest artists

Thursday, April 10, 2014

For 300 years Britain hanged homosexuals

For 300 years Britain hanged homosexuals 
former politician and veteran advocate 
© The Observer

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

All out for Mumia Abu-Jamal's 60th birthday

Syrian filmmakers want you to take different view of the war

US prisons hold 10 times more mentally ill people than state hospitals

Snowden alleges spy agencies have targeted human rights defenders

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My Mother

I long for my mother's bread
My mother's coffee
Her touch
Childhood memories grow up in me
Day after day
I must be worth my life
At the hour of my death
Worth the tears of my mother.
And if I come back one day
Take me as a veil to your eyelashes
Cover my bones with the grass
Blessed by your footsteps
Bind us together
With a lock of your hair
With a thread that trails from the back of your dress
I might become immortal
Become a God
If I touch the depths of your heart.
If I come back
Use me as wood to feed your fire
As the clothesline on the roof of your house
Without your blessing
I am too weak to stand. 

I am old
Give me back the star maps of childhood
So that I
Along with the swallows
Can chart the path
Back to your waiting nest.

- Mahmoud Darwish -

March 13, 1941 - August 9, 2008
The Poet of Palestinian People


Over 1,500 Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces since 2000 - PA minister

Over 1,500 Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces since 2000 - PA minister

More than 1,500 Palestinian children have died at the hands 
of Israeli forces since 2000, the Palestinian Authority's minister 
of social affairs, Kamal Sharafi, said Saturday, on Palestinian Children's Day.
© RT News

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The Art of Noell S. Oszvald

self by Noell S. Oszvald

Noell S. Oszvald
Hungarian photographer

Surreal Self-Portraits by Noell S. Oszvald
© Designcollector

Noell S. Oszvald Photography

we truly love Noell's work !!!!!

Noell S. Oszvald - We Move Lightly - Dustin O'Halloran

Noell S. Oszvald is a self-taught photographer and visual artist from Budapest, Hungary. 
Beautiful conceptual Black and white surreal self-portraits photography/ photo montages by the young Noell S. Oszvald.

Music: Dustin O'Halloran - We Move Lightly

Robert Redford on Leonard Peltier

Robert Redford on Leonard Peltier 
The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright
© CBC Radio

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Ai Weiwei Exhibition Underscores Dangers and Importance of Art

Ai Weiwei Exhibition Underscores Dangers and Importance of Art 

The Unrelenting Ai Weiwei: 
Show Evokes Danger and Urgency of Art 

A major exhibition opens in Berlin this week of the work of 
Ai Weiwei, China's most famous artist. Events like this are the very thing that protect him against further repression at home. The show is packed with moving works that are critical of the regime. 
© Der Spiegel


Locked Up In America | FRONTLINE | PBS

Locked Up In America
two-film series exploring America's fixation on incarceration. 

April 22 & 29 

With extraordinary access, award-winning producer and director Dan Edge takes you to the epicenter of the raging debate about prison reform.

» with trailers

Executions of juveniles since 1990

Executions of juveniles since 1990
© Amnesty International