Wednesday, November 30, 2011

US: 'This is where I’m going to be when I die'

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cities for Life 2011

November 30 is

Cities for Life - Cities Against the Death Penalty

Events » 29 - 30 November

Community of Sant'Egidio

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Thick Dark Fog

The Thick Dark Fog
a documentary film by Randy Vasquez

Winner Best Documentary
American Indian Film Festival 2011

New Documentary Tracks Cultural Genocide of American Indians
© Truthout

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Message from Leonard Peltier

Day of Mourning:
Message from Leonard Peltier
© Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee


National Day of Mourning 2011

Red Flight Thru Memory
© Frank Howell (1937 - 1997)

Thank you sooooooo much !!!!
Mitakuye Oyasin !!!! We are all connected !!!!

42nd National Day of Mourning 2011

National Day of Mourning
Dedicated to Leonard Peltier

© Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee

Free Leonard Peltier 

© Workers World

United American Indians of New England

National Congress of American Indians

NYC Jericho Movement

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

USA 2011 - State Killings, commutations & stays

July/December - 2011

6 - Gary Haugen - Oregon (volunteer) - cancelled
Oregon execution plans detailed; judge signs order
© Associated Press » published Nov. 18
Gov. John Kitzhaber stops executions in Oregon, calls system 'compromised and inequitable'
© The Oregonian » Nov. 22
Death row inmate Gary Haugen applauds Gov. Kitzhaber's decision to halt execution, look at death penalty
© The Oregonian » published Nov. 23

US ends 2011 with 43 executions for the year, down from the 46 executions carried out in 2010.

info by Rick Halperin and i .... thanks, my dear friend !!!

USA 2012 - scheduled executions »
check Rick Halperin site

Kill Death Penalty NOW !!!!

recent State Killings, commutations & stays

7 - Humberto Leal - murdered by the governor of Texas
Obama and U.N. seek delay in execution of Mexican national
© CNN » published July 2
Barack Obama asks for Texas and Rick Perry to spare Mexican the death penalty
© Telegraph » published July 5
Mexican executed for Texas teen's slaying
© Houston Chronicle
19 - Kenneth Smith - Ohio - stayed
Judge delays condemned Ohio killer's execution
© The Columbus Dispatch
Ohio executions may be on hold to adjust procedures
© The Columbus Dispatch » published July 13
19 - Thomas West - murdered by the state of Arizona
Arizona executes Thomas Paul West
© The Arizona Republic
20 - Mark Stroman - murdered by the state of Texas
Texas inmate executed for post-9/11 killings
© Houston Chronicle
21 - Andrew Grant DeYoung - murdered by the state of Georgia
Judge orders videotaping of scheduled execution
© The Atlanta Journal-Constitution » published July 19
DeYoung executed with videographer documenting his death
© The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
first videotaped execution in almost two decades.
Andrew DeYoung becomes the second person whose execution is filmed in USA death penalty history
29 - Robert Jackson III - murdered by the state of Delaware
Del. executes man who killed woman with ax in 1992
© Washington Examiner

10 - Martin Robles - murdered by the state of Texas
Gang member executed in Texas for double slaying
© San Antonio Express-News
16 - Brett Hartman - Ohio - stayed
Kasich Delays Inmate's Execution Until Next Year
© WLWT Cincinnati » published July 21
18 - Jerry Jackson - murdered by the state of Virginia
Virginia prepares for first lethal injection using new drug mix
© The Washington Post
Jerry Terrell Jackson executed in Virginia for murder of 88-year-old woman
© The Washington Post
18 - Larry Swearingen - Texas - stayed
Inmate's execution stayed in Montgomery County killing
© Houston Chronicle
30 - Ivan Cantu - Texas - stayed
source » TDCJ - Texas Department of Criminal Justice

13 - Steven Woods - murdered by the state of Texas
Ex-drug dealer executed for killing 2 in Texas
© Associated Press
Texas execution is first of 4 scheduled over 2 weeks
15 - Duane Buck - Texas - stayed
Supreme Court halts Duane Buck's Tex. execution
© CBS News
20 - Billy Slagle - Ohio - stayed
Ohio to require review of all executions
© Sandusky Register » published Aug. 19
Gov. Kasich delays by nearly two years upcoming execution of Cleveland killer Billy Slagle
© The Cleveland Plain Dealer
20 - Cleve Foster - Texas - stayed
Supreme Court halts tonight's Texas execution
© Houston Chronicle

21 - Lawrence Brewer - murdered by the state of Texas
Man executed for dragging death of James Byrd
21 - Troy Davis - murdered by the state of Georgia
Death warrant signed for Troy Anthony Davis
© Atlanta Journal-Constitution » published Sept. 6
Parole board denies clemency for Troy Davis
© Atlanta Journal-Constitution » published Sept. 20
the Board is the sole entity authorized to grant clemency
in Georgia.

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Troy Davis' request for stay
© Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Troy Davis executed
© Atlanta Journal-Constitution
22 - Derrick O'Neal Mason - murdered by the state of Alabama
Huntsville man executed in Atmore for 1994 killing of convenience store clerk
© Birmingham News
28 - Manuel Valle - Cuban national - murdered by the state of Florida
Florida Supreme Court lifts stay of execution for Valle, approves new lethal-injection protocol
© Tallahassee Democrat » published Aug. 23
Execution delayed for convicted cop killer in Fla.
© The Associated Press » published Sept. 28
Fla. man executed for 1978 shooting death of Coral Gables police officer during a traffic stop
© The Republic

5 - Marcus Ray Johnson - Georgia - stayed
Georgia judge delays execution for man in 1994 killing
© Reuters
18 - Joseph Murphy - Ohio - commuted
Ohio governor grants killer clemency, citing child abuse
© USA Today
20 - Christopher Thomas Johnson - murdered by the state of Alabama
Christopher Thomas Johnson executed by lethal injection
© Birmingham News
27 - Frank Garcia - murdered by the state of Texas
Convicted Cop Killer Executed in Huntsville
© Associated Press

9 - Hank Skinner - Texas - stayed
Texas court stays Wednesday execution as lawyers seek DNA tests
15 - Reginald Brooks - murdered by the state of Ohio
Gov. John Kasich denies clemency for East Cleveland man scheduled to be executed next week
© Cleveland Plain Dealer
East Cleveland man executed for murdering his 3 sons
© Cleveland Plain Dealer
15 - Oba Chandler - murdered by the state of Florida
Convicted murderer Oba Chandler put to death
© Associated Press
Killer of woman, 2 daughters executed
© MyFoxOrlando
16 - Guadalupe Esparza - murdered by the state of Texas
Killer of 7-year-old San Antonio girl executed
© Associated Press
18 - Paul Ezra Rhoades - murdered by the state of Idaho
Rhoades becomes the first person executed in Idaho since 1994, when Keith Eugene Wells was put to death by lethal injection.
The last execution prior to that occurred in 1957 and was carried out by hanging.

A View to a Kill: Idaho's Playbook for the Execution of Paul Rhoades
The countdown to Idaho's first execution in nearly two decades
© Boise Weekly » published Nov. 9
Supreme Court refuses to intervene in Rhoades execution
© Idaho State Journal
LIVE: Rhoades Execution Coverage
© City Desk
Rhoades executed in Idaho
© The Spokesman-Review

State Killings, commutations & stays »

January/June 2011

USA 2010 - State Killings, commutations & stays

Governor Kitzhaber issues reprieve - calls for action on capital punishment

Gov. John Kitzhaber stops executions in Oregon

Monday, November 21, 2011

Voninha with her cats

Voninha with her cats
© joão & luisa brehm

with Edgar & Zarolho


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinéad O'Connor

Amnesty International Concert
Santiago de Chile
October 13, 1990

sublime performance !!!!
All I have is a voice
To undo the folded lie

- W. H. Auden -

from September 1, 1939

Gadhafi's Son can face death penalty !!!

Saif Gaddafi could face death penalty in Libya - minister
© Reuters

this is pure insanity !!!!! NOT Anymore !!!!!

ICC prosecutor concedes Libya may try Gaddafi's son
© Reuters » published Nov. 22

unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fair trial for Seif al-Islam an issue of national pride for Libyans: ICC chief
© The Daily Star » published Nov. 25

post updated Nov. 25

Monday, November 14, 2011

Even if

Even if you destroy
The configuration of the whole world,
Even if you deconstruct
This earth as a shred of cotton,
Whenever the borders are redrawn,
I will come back to this town again,
I will make my homeland
Only in Kurdistan.

- Latif Halmat -

On the mountains, in the plains and valleys
I cried:
O my hungry homeland
I love you and I love you
here I am ploughing this land
with my eyelashes
turning it into farms and orchards
which grow red flowers and beautiful poems
for the children of the coming world
a world of freedom, love and peace.

from Latif poem Nazim Hikmet Talks With Humanity

born in 1947 in Kurdistan, Latif Halmat is one of the most outstanding modern Kurdish poets of my generation.

Poets & Poetry » Kurdish Aspect

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dedicated to Ehsan Fattahian

Music by Shajarians called Faryad

Two years ago today, the barbaric Iranian regime illegally executed a Kurdish young man named Ehsan Fattahian.

Remember Ehsan Fattahian, brave man who dared to defy regime of terror
© Persian2English
The last glimmers of the dusk sun
Are showing me the path on which to write;
The sounds of leaves under my steps
Are telling me "let yourself fall
And you will rediscover the path to freedom."

- Ehsan Fattahian -

from his last letter ....


just to say ....
we ♥♥♥♥ uuuuuuuuuu !!!!!
*^-^* miaumi & lu

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Pentagon issues military court rules

Pentagon issues military court rules
© UPI » published Nov. 8

Field Notes - Unprecedented public view of a Gitmo hearing
© NBC News » published today

USS Cole bombing suspect faces Guantanamo tribunal

The main suspect in the bombing of the American warship, the USS Cole, has appeared before a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay.
© BBC News » published today

shame, Obama !!!!!!

Monday, November 07, 2011

A Man Who Knew About the Electric Chair

Louis E. Lawes, Sing Sing Warden, Opposed the Death Penalty
A Man Who Knew About the Electric Chair
© NYTimes

Sup. Court to review life in prison without parole for juveniles

Saturday, November 05, 2011

'We are here for our children'

© Joey L » for Survival International

'We are here for our children'

In pictures: tribal children

On every continent, from the green depths of the Amazon basin to the icy reaches of the Arctic tundra, children raised in tribal communities are taught the skills and values that have ensured the survival of their peoples for generations.

© Survival International

please support
Survival International

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

John Trudell - How does tomorrow dream


American Indian Heritage Month 2011

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Dakota Visions

© Frank Howell
1937 - 1997 

Thank you so much !!!! Pilamaya ye !!!!

Frank Howell Gallery


One of the things the old people taught me about the spirits
was to never have a doubt.

- Wallace Black Elk -