Sunday, October 27, 2013

Seeds by Sherko Bekas


We were millions
we were old trees
newly growing plants
and seeds.

From the helmet of Ankara
they came at dawn
they uprooted us
they took us away
far away.

On the way the heads of
many old trees drooped
many new plants died in the cold
many seeds were trampled under foot
lost and forgotten

We grew thin like the summer river
we diminished like flocks of birds
towards the time of autumn
we diminished to mere thousands

We had seeds
carried back by the wind
they reached the thirsty mountains again
they hid inside rock clefts
the first rain
the second rain
the third rain
they grew again

Now again we are a forest
we are millions
we are seeds
and old trees
the old helmet died!

And now you the new helmet
why have you put the head of the spear
under your chin?
Can you finish us off?

But I know
and you know
as long as there is a seed
for the rain and the wind
this forest will never end?

- Sherko Bekas -

May 2, 1940 - August 4, 2013
Kurdish poet


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