Monday, June 05, 2017

US Rallies Against Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2017

June 9 ►

National demonstration against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival 

(Worldwide too .... check out the events)

The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation - in partnership with 

Last Chance for Animals, I Stand With My Pack, Fight Dog Meat, 
In Defense of Animals, Marley's Mutts, and Dogs and Cats Off The Menu, will be holding a nationwide demonstration speaking out against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

This demonstration will be held in front of every Chinese Consultant, and every city capital throughout the nation. In an effort not to condemn the government, but to speak out against those involved 

in the festival - urging the Chinese government to end it.

For those that want to get involved, this is your chance to be their voice.

We are trying to hold the largest demonstration ever - speaking out against Yulin. In less then two weeks, the festival will begin in which thousands of dogs will die of torture.

Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation

All Events 6/9 National Rallies Against the Yulin Dog Meat Trade | Facebook

Worldwide EVENTS Dogs And Cats Off The Menu | Facebook



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